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Admission OpenB.Com IIIrd Sem. Result FEB-2018महापरिनिर्माण दिवस (06-12-2017)ट्रेकिंग कैंप (19-NOV-2017)विधिक साक्षरता कार्यक्रम (09-10-2017)University Level YUVA UTSAV 5-7-OCT-2017जिला स्तरीय युवा उत्सव (सांगीतिक विधा) 21-09-2017युवा महोत्सव (11-09-2017) शिक्षक दिवस 05-09-2017नदी संरक्षण (01-09-2017)ORIENTATION Program(09/08/2017)Special Classes (20/07/2017)Orientation III and IV Sem (15/07/2017)Registration Openविधुत बंद शपत (25-03-2017)गौरैया संरक्षण (24-03-2017)राज्य स्तरीय शिविर (03-03-2017)शहीदों को नमन (25-02-2017)NSS आवासी शिविर (27-01-2017)26-जनवरी-2017प्राणप्रतिष्ठा (18 JAN 2017)श्रधांजलिनुक्कड़ नाटक "नशा" (27-11-2016)Forest Tracking (06-11-2016)एड्स कार्यशाला (25-10-2016)शपथ(21-10-2016)वन्य प्राणी संरक्षण सप्ताह (07-10-2016)गरबा महाउत्सव(08-10-2016)Welcome New Comer (08-08-2016)Classes Star On (25-JULY-2016)NSS "B" Certificate Exam (03-06-2016)WWF Valunteers (27-05-2016)सात दिवसी शिविर का समापन (10-01-2016)NSS शिविर में दन्त परिक्षण (07-01-2016)NSS के स्वयं सेवको के द्वारा श्रमदान (06-01-2016)शिविर में पर्यावरण पर परिचर्चा (05-01-2016)NSS का सात दिवसी आवासी शिविर (04-01-2016)NSS का मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान (23-12-2015)अध्यात्म पर परिचर्चा (21-12-2015)प्रदूषण निवारण पर परिचर्चा (16-12-2015)मानव अधिकार दिवस (10-12-2015)Poster Presentation (28-11-2015)Patalkot Tracking Camp (25-11-2015)Eco Friendly Diwali (07-11-2015)गर्बामहत्सव (19-10-2015)प्रमाण पत्र वितरण (10-10-2015)महिला सशक्तिकरण (08-10-2015)साईकिल रैली (07-10-2015)वन्य प्राणी संरक्षण सप्ताह (05-10-2015)गांधी जयंती : सर्वधर्म प्रार्थना सभा (03-10-2015)विश्व रक्तदान दिवस (01-10-2015)Yuva Utsav (26-09-2015)WWF परिचर्चा (16-09-2015)Hindi Diwas (14-09-2015) सूचना (10-09-2015)ईको क्लब का शुभारम्भ (09-09-2015) सुचना (08-09-2015) फ्रेशर्स पार्टी (6-7-Sep-2015)शिक्षक दिवस (05-09-2015)सकारात्मक सोच व मानव व्यक्तित्व (22-08-2015)मानस निर्माण (08-08-2015)CCE Exam (JAN-June) 2015पक्षी संरक्षण 09-05-2015World Sparrow Day (20-03-2015)जल संरक्षण एवं पर्यावरण प्रदुषण (04-03-2015)स्वाइन फ्लू शिविर (19-02-2015)मातृ-पितृ पूजन दिवस (14-02-2015)राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी को श्रद्धांजलि गणतंत्र दिवसस्वामी विवेकानंद जयंती (12-01-2015)कार्यशालारा. से. यो. का 7 दिवसी शिविर सम्पन विश्व AIDS दिवस (01-12-2014)ग्लोबल वार्मिंग सेमिनार (10-11-2014)भारतीय संस्कृति ज्ञान परीक्षा (07-11-2014)प्रथम स्थान - राज्य स्तरीय युवा उत्सव प्रथम स्थान - विश्वविद्यालय स्तरीय युवा उत्सव M Sc के विद्यार्थियों के लिए जिला स्तरीय युवा उत्सव (20-10-2014)WWF (2014-10-20)XPLORA (18-Oct-2014)विश्व खाद्य दिवसXPLORA FESTO02-Oct-2014स्वच्छता अभियानNSS ProgramScolarship 2014-15Hindi DivasMain Practical Exam 2014Revised Time Table New Pattern Examination 2014 Time Table Old Pattern Examination 2014 Practical Exam M.Sc I & III MATDATA JAGRUKTA ABHIYAN 2014B.Com. IInd Sem Result DeclarationSeminar On AIDS (03-03-2014)B.Sc. II & IV Sem Result Declaration* M.P. Biotech Council* Matdata Jagrukta Abhiyan View All

Exam Detail

Ist Year II-CCE Exam FEB-2018III & IV Sem RDVV Exam 2017 StartCCE Exam III & IV Sem (27-10-2017)BSc (Zoology) Practical Exam Exam Fee Notice(10-11-2016)CCE Ist Sem Notice (03-11-2016)Exam Form Sagar University(02-11-2016)BCA II Sem Practical Exam(2015-16)B. Sc. Practical Exam 2015-16B. Com. Practical Exam 2015-16New Exam Form Date 13-06-2016B.Com Practical Exam JAN-DEC 2015-16B.Sc. III & V Sem (Time Table-2015-16)B.Com. III & V Sem (Time TAble-2015-16)B.Sc. Ist Sem. CCE Exam (12-12-2015)B.Com. CCE Exam (10-12-2015)B.Sc. Practical Exam 2015BCA IV & VI Sem Practical Exam(2014-15)BBA & BCA Time Table (JAN-DEC-2014-15)MSc Time Table (JAN-DEC-2014-15)Revised Time Table BSc & BCom (JAN-DEC-2014-15)Postpone Exam (7 & 9 MAR-2014-15)Exam Time Table 2014-15Regarding Exam Form-(Jul-2014)Practical Exam (2014-15)Revised Practical Exam M.Sc.Microbio & BiotechM.Sc.II & IV Sem Biotech/Microbio Practical ExamTime Table BCA & BBA Exam - 2014M.Sc.IInd Sem Biotech Practical ExamM.Sc. IVth Sem Biotech Project PresentationRevised Practical Exam M.Sc. II Sem App. MicrobioRevised Time Table B.Sc. VI Sem (ATKT) Exam-2014Revised Time Table B.Com. VI Sem Exam-2014Time Table M.Sc. IInd Sem Biotech.Time Table M.Sc. IInd Sem Applied MicrobiologyM.Sc. IInd Sem Biotech. Practical ExamBCA Practical Exam 2014B.Sc. Zoology Main Practical Exam 2014B.Sc.II,IV & VI Microbiology Practical Exam 2014B.Sc.IInd Sem Comp Appl Practical Exam 2014B.Com. Comp. Appl. Main Practical Exam 2014B.Sc. VI th Sem Chemistry Main Practical Exam 2014M.Sc. Practical Exam M.Sc. I & III SemDownload Exam Form 2014 Semester Exam Form 2014 For II, IV, VI & ATKT View All



I.P.S. College : FacilityLibrary Plays a significant role in any Institution & we are enrich in this with the out standing collection of more than thousand Books. The library is a place for Individual Study. Readers are requested to cooperate and keep the library a QUIET AND PEACEFUL place. SILENCE is essential. Entry to the Library is subject to your having the I Card with you. Material for reading in the library is issued against the I Card. If you find that a book is not available, you can place a CLAIM for it at the circulation counter, between 3 PM to 4.30 P.M Claimed Books are issued only after 3 P.M and the fine is more. You have to enquire and see whether your demand has materialized preferably between 3 P.M to 4.30 P.M The book will be kept for you for two days after which your claim is forfeited. In case you lose or damage a book, please report at the counter immediately in writing and take the instructions for replacement of the book from the Librarian. Check the condition of all material before issue, you will be held responsible for damage. Books and Library material must be handled with care. As a responsible member, please help us to maintain the library material in good condition. All library material must first be issued from the issue counter before it is used. Please collect your I Card before leaving the .Library. Library material issued for current reading against the I Card is not to be taken out of the Library. The library will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property. The Librarian may temporarily suspend or permanently withdraw membership if a member is found disobeying the rules and regulations of the Library. Important notices and announcements are always displayed on the notice board. Please read them carefully. In case of need do not hesitate to approach the library staff who are here to help you. But when you need help, avoid the rush periods, preferably come after 2.30 PM or between 11 AM - 12 Noon.In the Bouquet of library we have . Bio-Technology. Micro Biology. Bio Chemistry. Bio Informatics. Computer Science. Chemistry. Zoology. Botany. Management. Commerce. And many more. We provide e-library


I.P.S. College : FacilityThe faculty is the principal driver of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the Institute: academics, governance, research, and consultancy. They combine the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians and consultants. The rich diversity of their backgrounds install in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence. I.P.S. faculty members are active and regular participants in international conferences and symposia. They contribute to international journals and collaborate with a broad range of agencies to develop and execute consultancy projects. Faculty members serve on executive committees and policy formulation boards of a rich variety of organizations in both private and public domains. These include corporations, financial institutions, cooperative societies, NGOs, academic institutions and international agencies such as FAO, World Bank, and WTO. Such active involvement generates precious cross-fertilization and ensures that all academic programmes are kept up to date.


I.P.S. College : FacilityAs laboratory is one of the immense part which plays role as a bridge between abstract theory and practical for the enrichment of the students with this regard I.P.S.College is having extreme labotary for respective subjects such as Microbiology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology , Botany and Computer . Which contains Laminar air flow, Incubator, Hotair oven, Centrifuge, Inoculation chamber, Distillation Unit, pH Meter, Biological Oxygen Demand Incubator, Autoclave, U.V. Spectrophotometer, Visible Spectrophotometer, Vertical Electrophoresis, Horizontal Electrophoresis, T.L.C., Column Chromatography, Extraction Assembly, Vortex Mixture, Bacterial Colony Counter, Hot Plate, Cooling Centrifuge, Digital Balance, Microscope, Tissue Culture Lab., U.V. Trans illuminator, Etc. In Computer Department facilitates WI-FI system, along with more than 100 computers . College is Provide also L.C.D. Projector For Seminars, Lectures and conferences.


I.P.S. College : FacilityThe College encourages outstanding students by giving awards and scholarships, once in a year at a special function organised by Students' Welfare Committee and at the Annual Prize Distribution Function. The Students Welfare Committee of the college aims at promoting the academic standards of the students by facilitating the needy and meritorious among them, financially. The college has scholarships for SC / ST/ OBC and Minority students as per the M.P. guidelines.

Academic Calender

I.P.S. College : Facility(1) All courses of session would be in semester mode. (2) There shall be at least 180 teaching days in an academic year. (3) The University follows a six day teaching schedule per week.

Extra Curriculum Activities

I.P.S. College : FacilitySports and Cultural Activities All-round Development for a Complete Personality . This breaks the monotony of academics and also gives a new perspective for students development. I.P.S.cultural cell nurtures & nourishes the creative talent among students.Cultural activities include music, drama, dance etc. bringing the students closer to rich Indian culture. Various cultural competitions are held throughout the year. artists whose performances give immense pleasure and inspiration to students. Youth Festival Gathering Fresher Parties Farewell Parties Sports & Games Folk Dance,Singing ,Drama,Mono Acting,Debate,Speech,Mehandi Rangoli,Salad Decoration Etc.

College Canteen

I.P.S. College : FacilityThe College has Canteen where quality eatables are served at affordable prices. Students are advised to maintain discipline and give suggestions for further improvement of the services. The college canteen is being upgraded and shall serve best menu to our students. Non payment of legitimate dues or disorderly conduct in the Canteen would invite disciplinary action.

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