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Bachelor in Commerce will involve the application of economic theory to business activities and organizations. Economics is a topical subject, at the forefront of current affairs. It is concerned with how societies and individuals organic to meet their material needs. Consequently, it has an impact on all us in our daily lives. Thus, if you decide to study B.Com) Economics), you will received systematic understanding of how economics work and how economic performance and policy-making Affect society. In general terms, Economics deals with issues such as: the ways markets work; what firms do, what their motives are, how they perform; and the role of government in regulating business activity. Analytical reasoning is central to Business Economic and this explains why Business Economics degrees (and Economics degrees of all types) are highly valued by employers.


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Mr. Binod Sahu


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Mr. Anwar Mansoori

Asst. Professor

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Mr. Amit Kumar Sahu

Asst. Professor

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Mr. Ritesh Malviya

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Mr. Amit Gajbhiye

Asst. Professor

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