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Library Plays a significant role in any Institution & are enrich in this with the out standing collection of more than thousand Books.

• The library is a place for Individule Study. Readers are requested to cooperate and keep the library a QUIET AND PEACEFUL place . SILENCE is essential.
• Entry to the Library is subject to your having the I Card with you.
• Material for reading in the library is issued against the I Card.
• If you find that a book is not available, you can place a CLAIM for it at the circulation counter between 3 PM to 4.30 PM Claimed Books are issued only after 3 PM and the fine is more. You have to enquire and see whether your demand has materialized preferably between 3 PM to 4:30 PM The book will be kept for you for two days after which your claim is forfeited.
• In case you lose or damage a book, please report at the counter immediately in writing and take the instructions for replacement of the book from the Librarian.
• Check the condition of all material before issue, you will be held responsible for damage. Books and Library material must be handled with care. As a responsible member, please help us to maintain the library marerial in good condition.
• All library material must first be issued from the issue counter before it is used.
• Please collect your I Card before leaving the. Library.
• Library material issued for current reading against the I Card is not to be taken out of the Library.
• The library will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property.
• The Library may temporarily suspend or permanently withdraw membership if a member is found disobeying the rules and regulations of the Library.
• Important notices and announcements are always displayed on the notice board. Please read them carefully.
• In case of need do not hesitate to approach the library staff who are here to help to help you. But when you need help, avoid the rush periods, preferably come after 2.30 PM or between 11AM-12Noon.
• In the Bouquet of library we have.

Bio-Technology Micro Biology
Bio Chemistry Bio Informatics
Computer Science Chemistry
Zoology Botany
Management Commerce
And many more
We provide e-library.